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Four J Traffic Controls, LLC would like to thank all of our customers for supporting us for over 7 years.
It has been our pleasure to take care of your Work Zone Traffic Control needs
Vivian has decided to retire and the torch has been passed onto REDBIRD BARRICADES, LLC and it's ownership.
Many of our customers know Trevor Davis (210) 636-8141 from his years of service with Four J Traffic Controls, LLC and his 17 years in the traffic control work.
Krista has also contributed to traffic control over the years with Four J Traffic Controls, LLC and the two of them will provide years of quality service to their customers.

All phone contact information will stay the same for Redbird Barricades, LLC
W (210) 927-4770  F (210) 927-4775   C (210) 636-8141

Below will be their new email

Vivian and I again would like to say Thank you again for your support and I know you will be in good hands with Redbird Barricades, LLC



Thank you,


William M Jenkins


Work (210) 927-4770

Fax (210) 927-4775

Cell (210) 636-8141

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